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Biore Cleanser & Pore Strips

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Cleanser Price: 200mL for $8.97 Pore Stips: 14 for $11.48

I'm usually skeptical when it comes to blackhead extraction products, because nothing has ever worked for me before. Biore has completely CHANGED MY MIND! The results were amazing, and I'm so glad I don't have to waste my time and money looking for another solution. Finally! However, in order to achieve the maximum effect of these pore strips, you need to follow the steps below.

The steps are simple, but very necessary!

1. Clean your face thoroughly. I absolutely love the Biore cleanser, as it helps to free your pores.

2. Hold a warm cloth over your nose to help open up your pores. OR, you could boil a pot of water and carefully hold your head over the steam. This is may seem strange or a bit dangerous, but it's actually very relaxing and I find that it works better. (FUN FACT: this works for opening up your sinuses when you're sick <3)

3. Ensure your nose is wet. The pore strips will not stick to it if it isn't.

4. Carefully peel the back off the pore strip, and place it over your nose. Push all ends of the strip down, to make sure it sticks to most blackheads for proper extraction.

5. Wait 10-15 minutes for the entire strip to harden, and slowly pull it off. If you watch closely in a mirror while pulling the strip off, you can actually see the blackhead extraction process. It's really cool!

Note: Keep in mind that this may hurt a little, but it's nothing too severe whatsoever. I mean, pain is beauty..right?

Let's take a closer look....Check out below for my results! ⇩

BEFORE: My pores are so clogged! :( 

AFTER: WOW! This is after ONE nose strip. You can still see my pores, but the majority is unclogged.

A few things to remember: Our pores naturally collect sebum and other things, so we will never fully be able to rid ourselves of blackheads. Therefore, we need to think of it as something we need to maintain. For instance, we still need to cut our nails and hair every so often, or it'll get out of control. This is why I've now decided to add 1-2 pore strips a week to my beauty regimen, and it's honestly a game changer!

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