• Imogen Olivia

Copper Cure Set

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

My Two Cents

I am truly in love with this set! The mugs are handcrafted in India and made of solid copper, so they're durable. When I was gifted this, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are copper straws and coasters included. I was also very pleased with the display and packaging.

Health Benefits

As stated previously, these mugs are made of 100% solid copper. Copper is said to have many health benefits, including but not limited to: maintaining healthy bones, blood vessels, immune function, etc. Copper Cure also mentions, "Ayurveda health" which is one of the world's oldest holistic healing systems. It was created on the belief that health and wellness depend completely on a balance between the mind, body and spirit. Another key note that I researched is that this holistic belief primarily focuses on promoting good health, rather than fighting disease. Regardless of whether they truly benefit your health or not, these cups are amazing enough on their own. They are handcrafted to perfection and make for such a gorgeous display in your home.

Handle with Care

Taking extra special care of these mugs is a must! After a couple of uses, the copper on the inside and outside naturally starts to turn black. They are not intended for heat. Because of this, it's important to avoid hot drinks, dishwashers, microwaves & scalding hot water. If you cut a lemon in half, sprinkle it with salt, and scrub the mug with it--it helps with the tarnishing.

Copper Cure also recommends that salt & vinegar are excellent for cleaning copper, because the acidity from the vinegar strips tarnish away.

Note: Copper Cure makes their products from 100% recycled copper. Copper is infinitely recyclable, so if you decide to part with them, please recycle!

Overall, this set is great to put on display (and use for my specially-made cocktails!) I have gotten many compliments from friends and family regarding this set. They're truly great for company!

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