• Imogen Olivia

Gaia Smiles

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Gaia Smiles is an all-natural, Canadian company that specializes in oral hygiene. I was surprised when I came across this company, as I had never heard of an alternative for toothpaste. Made in small batches, Gaia Smiles has perfected an eco-friendly tooth powder enriched with nutrients.


The formula is created from a base of calcium and clay, which allows for gentle cleansing and protection of the teeth. Calcium, paired with Xylitol, helps remineralize, strengthen and whiten the teeth. The Bentonite clay allows for a less abrasive experience, in comparison to typical drugstore toothpastes. Himalayan pink salts are also used to create an alkaline environment so that harmful bacteria are less likely to survive, and good bacteria sticks around. A bit of clove and other essential oils are added to help block quorum sensing--which is basically just a fancy term for plaque communication. These are the only ingredients contained in the tooth powder. Alongside the Original Tooth Power, there's a Peppermint Tooth Powder flavouring. The only difference between these two are the essential oils contained in them for flavouring.

ECO-FRIENDLY SMILE Gaia means "mother earth" originating back to Greek Mythology. The Gaia Theory was based on an idea that all natural chemicals "talk" to one another to protect life on the planet, and keep natural elements balanced. As people, it's important to remember that the ten seconds it takes for us to pursue an eco-friendly task leaves us with years on a happy planet. Gaia Smiles is committed to this belief, and does all they can to stay up to date with the best environmentally-friendly options. So far, they've created a thick glass jar as packaging for the tooth powder. These jars are created with a strong aluminum lid, as well as waterproof labels so that you can buy refillables, sold separately on their website. Gaia Smiles is also very confident in their products, as they do not believe in the trial-and-error method. This method is wasteful, and also grants access for people to make additional purchases, only to be disappointed and discard anyway. Therefore, Gaia Smiles created a product that they knew would 100% work to prevent using this method.

"Our Human Promise"

"We will never, ever, ever sell you your smile. You do not, have not, and will never need a shiny perfect white smile to make you amazing. You are worthy and perfect as you are. Enough said. We will never endorse, partner with, or promote products that try to sell you what is already yours. It’s unethical and so last-century."

-Gaia Smiles


I tried both the Original and Peppermint Tooth Powder, and I think they're both fantastic. When you've used toothpaste your whole life, it is a bit of an adjustment. However, I love how simple it is. All it takes is a wet toothbrush + a quick dip in the jar and you're good to go! I hate cleaning up toothpaste off my sink every night, so I'm glad I won't have to deal with that anymore. As for the flavour, I think it's great for a genuinely non-toxic product. As stated before, the texture was difficult to get used to, but my teeth felt great afterwards! I also received a copper tongue scraper, which helps limit the amount of bacteria on your tongue (therefore, helps prevent bad breath!). Overall, I think this tooth powder is a very interesting alternative and a fantastic addition to a daily hygiene routine.