• Imogen Olivia

Little Creek Dressing

Little Creek Dressing is a Canadian family-owned business established since 1995. The dressing started as a family recipe, used back on their Little Creek farming property owned since 1947. After years of using the dressings for their own organic vegetables, the family decided to produce and sell small batches. This was done in hopes that Donna, the mother, would be able to work from home while raising her twin daughters. Each dressing is made of high-quality, organic ingredients. Little Creek is also famous for their handcrafted vinegars, creating a unique, amazing artisan flavour.

Note: All dressings are vegan, GMO-free, and produced using renewably-sourced energy.

Originally, Donna had been making her famous Vinaigrette using the ingredients on her family farm. After production expanded, Little Creek began to buy organic ingredients from other farmers. In 2014, Little Creek settled in Kelowna, BC. Jubi, Donna's son, became the company's Executive Director in 2016, continuing on the history of Little Creek Dressing.

Mission Statement: "Creating wholesome, flavourful foods that support healthy eating, and a healthy planet."

My Opinion

I tried 2 out of the 5 dressings that are offered on their website, and both flavours were very unique and unlike any others I've tried. I tried the Okanagan Caesar and the Original, and both were fantastic additions to my salad. The Okanagan Original also tastes amazing on cold pasta, and works well as a vegetable dip. I found the Okanagan Caesar flavouring to be very well-balanced and not too tangy. I usually dislike caesar dressings due to this, but my salad honestly couldn't have tasted better.

Flavours available:

  • Okanagan Original

  • Okanagan Caesar

  • Cherry Balsamic

  • Asian Apricot

  • Summer Strawberry

If you're a fan of flavour, Little Creek Dressing is for you! It's very inexpensive as well, with the highest price being CA$12.50 for a 750mL bottle. Overall, it's a great addition to your fridge if you love to eat organic, vegan or GMO-free.

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