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Oteas Tea

Environmentally Friendly Tea Company

Oteas is a Canadian company that provides many different varieties of black, fruit, herbal, green, as well as "specialtea" items. This high quality tea is plant based, with plastic free packaging and biodegradable tea bags. The packaging is printed with vegetable ink, therefore the box can be recycled or composted without compromising the environment with chemicals. The tea bags also come in a biofilm, which completely decompose in water and CO2, depending on various factors (such as temperature, pH of soil, and amount of microorganisms present).

A Message to Remember

"At Oteas we believe that in order to elevate our human health, our physical environment should not have to be compromised."

My Take

After sampling a few different kinds of tea, I was very impressed. Not only does the tea taste amazing, it helps you feel amazing! For instance, I had my friend try the "Orange & Ginger" tea, because she struggles with chronic bloating. Ginger is said to help as a natural digestive aid, and the tea actually worked! Within half an hour of drinking the tea, she expressed her fondness and said her symptoms almost disappeared entirely. Sure, there may be other ginger products that she could buy to help alleviate her symptoms. However, it's difficult to find a company that's so dedicated to the environment, or genuinely natural as a whole. For reference, Oteas is certified gluten-free, non-GMO verified, made from recycled material, certified vegan, and completely plastic free. Who doesn't love that?

My personal favourite is the "English Breakfast Tea," pictured above. Although I may be biased as I was originally born in England, but this one blew my mind! Overall, each flavour I've tried has been great, and I feel very comfortable in knowing that they're all as natural as can be.

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