• Imogen Olivia

Remilia Hair Cosmocaps

Price: $26.99 USD

30 capsules

Daily hair serum for dry/damaged hair

About the Ingredients

These Cosmocaps consist of three main things: Vitamin B5, Keratin Amino Acids, and Silk Protein.

  • Keratin Amino Acids combine to make a keratin protein, that essentially forms a hair strand. These amino acids are said to penetrate the hair, therefore enhancing it's smoothness. Overall, it stimulates healthy hair growth!

  • Silk Protein is the finest of all natural fibers, yet one of the strongest. This improves the shine of the hair, as well as adds to the elasticity of the hair strand to prevent breakage.

  • Vitamin B5 helps prevent moisture loss and aids in smoothing the cuticle of the hair strand. This provitamin has the ability to bond to the hair, therefore adding more structure to each strand.

What is a Cosmocap?

A Cosmocap is a cruelty-free, eco friendly capsule filled with a hair serum to prevent frizz and breakage. Simply twisting the top a few times will open the capsule, and squeezing the shell will release the serum very neatly into your hand. Make sure to massage the serum into the tips of your hair first, eventually working your way up to mid-length.

The size of the capsule is particularly handy, because you can stuff a few in your purse for when you're on the go. They are made for one time use, and you don't have to feel bad about throwing them away because they're biodegradable! Who doesn't love that?

My Take

I've tried many hair serums in my life, but this is the first time I've noticed results instantly. I frequently use hot tools and have previously dyed my hair a few times. As a result, I've had to cut off multiple inches of my hair due to the amount of breakage. After only one Cosmocap, I noticed a huge difference. My hair is no longer difficult to brush, it's 10x more shiny, and the effects actually last! I don't use them everyday, because you're supposed to use them on damp hair. I only wash my hair every second day, to allow the natural oils to help moisturize my scalp and hair. However, I find that when my hair is dry and acting up due to humidity--using a little bit of serum helps smoothen the frizz back out again.

Clinical Results

  • 43% reduction in frizz and breakage after 1 use compared to untreated hair

  • 60% reduction in static, after combing quickly ten times bleach blond hair tress

  • 90% instant increase in softness and shine compared to untreated hair

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